Service. Tech. Teamwork.


Service Quality

We don’t let technology override the importance of true service. We know that financial planning is more than just numbers. Eye contact, active listening, human connection, empathy; there’s no substitute for deep human connection. It’s as important to us as it is to you.



Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum, therefore, a financial plan certainly can’t be made in one. Our advisors leverage the hive mind and work with one another to develop the best possible strategies for our clientele. When you work with Heath Wealth Management, there is a highly competent team of advisors and administrative professionals who collectively have a vested interest in your success.



We’re not dinosaurs! The world is moving fast. New - and reliable - technology makes relationships easier and more enjoyable for our clientele. Dig deep into the metrics of your plan, get access to the resources you need, and assume more control of your financial plan with the tools available at Heath Wealth Management.


Shared Community

When we walk the streets of Tampa, and its surrounding area, we want to be proud of the impact we have. That’s why we invest our time in clients who share our vision of the importance of strengthening our shared community.


Market Research

We can’t sit on our laurels and wait for the quarterly investment reports to roll in. We’re constant learners and active researchers. We love taking a deep dive into the data and unearthing new strategies. Expect us to be abreast of new and emerging financial news that affects you.